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Child Support Law

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Where Is The Scale That Is Used In Setting The Amount Of A Child Support Order?

You can review the child support guideline by accessing the Legislative Information System website, and looking at Section 20­108.2. of the Code of Virginia. Please keep in mind that many factors are involved in determining a child support obligation and unless all of the figures that are used are accurate, the amount of support determined will not be correct. To convert weekly gross income and weekly expenses into monthly income and expenses, multiply by 52 and then divide that figure by 12 (example: $450 multiplied by 52 equals $23,400. $23,400 divided by 12 equals $1950 per month); To convert income and expenses that are received and paid every two weeks, multiply by 26 and then divide that figure by 12 (example: $900 multiplied by 26 equals $23,400 per year. $23,400 divided by 12 equals $1950 monthly); To convert semi­monthly income and expenses, simply multiply by 2. If you have a Virginia case and feel that your order should be reviewed, please refer to the Child Support & You handbook for additional information on this procedure.